Khandaan : a family.

Welcome y'all. Benvidos. Velkommen. Benvinguts. Khush amaadiid. This is our new family website. From here, we'll manage email addresses (like, place personal websites (like, and host our hopefully final and definitive blog (

The first two links you can see in the panel on your right will take you to our blog and take you the login page at Blogger, respectively. Once you login at blogger, click on 'Family Talk' and then on 'Create a new post'.

I chose KHANDAAN as a word because many 'family' keyword derivations were already registered as domains, and it seemed to me that because there are a few languages and cultures involved in our family, we might as well use another...also, khandaan is a beautiful word, I think. Philip may know more about the idea behind it. As far as I can see online, it means 'family', or 'extended family', which is perfect, no?

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